Enchanted Trees Hire

From £140 plus delivery

Create an enchanted forest to leave your guests spellbound

Add some glistening, fairytale magic to your event, wedding or special occasion by creating an enchanted forest from our beautifully realistic artificial blossom trees. Our illuminated LED trees will shower your venue in soft, magical light, dazzling your guests and making your event the talk of the town.

Our trees come in a range of sizes, and will look spectacular inside your venue or marquee, or outside illuminating a garden or terrace. We’ll even deliver and assemble the trees for you. When the party’s over, we’ll come and collect them.

Enchanted Trees have illuminated Camp Kerala at Glastonbury and the halls of Hampton Court Palace, as well as dazzling crowds at Sketch, Richmond Theatre, One Mayfair and a host of other venues. Our trees for hire have lit up the likes of Lalique, Boomtown Fair Festival, Channel Four’s Gadget Man and NotontheHighStreet.com, as well as adding a touch of Enchanted Tree magic to weddings all over the country.

To arrange to hire our beautiful illuminated blossom trees, please call on 01428 741586 or email hire@enchantedtrees.co.uk