Enchanted Globe – Sandstone

Enchanted Trees

Illuminate your pathways, brighten your borders or enhance your entranceway with our amazing Enchanted Globes. Lit with an LED light, our globes would look at home in any garden scheme. By day the globes unique, realistic, rough surface closely resembles stone but by night the globes magically transform into attractive lighting features. Designed and made in the UK they are available in three sizes and are an essential decorative addition to your outdoor space.


Each Enchanted Globe is supplied with a bulb, cable and transformer so that it is fully operational from the moment it lands on your doorstep. For any questions or purchases of multiple globes, please email sales@enchantedtrees.co.uk and we can advise on cable lengths, transformer sizes and other accessories such as timer sensors and ground spikes.

Bulb LED G4 4W 400 lumens Warm White
Globe Colour Sandstone
Cable Colour Black
Cable Length 10 metres
Globe Diameter 28cms, 38cms or 50cms
Number of LED bulbs 1 piece
Input Voltage AC 240 V
Output Voltage DC 12 V
Transformer 24w and 2m of mains flex
Working Temp -30 C to 60 C
Certificated CE
Usage Indoor & outdoor
Packaging One cardboard carton
Net Weight 28cm Globe 1.0 kg
Net Weight 38cm Globe 1.7 kgs
Net Weight 50cm Globe 2.4 kgs


Our Enchanted Globes are UV and frost resistant and will weather naturally over time but may be cleaned with a standard household cleaner. Also available separately are ground spikes to secure the globe to softer surfaces or time sensors enabling the globes automatically to be switched on at dusk and off at dawn or other timing variations between. Just contact us at sales@enchantedtrees.co.uk and we would be happy to assist.

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