Enchanted Tree - 1.5 metre LED White Blossom, No Leaves

Enchanted Trees

Glistening with all the magic of a fairytale wonderland, our spectacular 1.5 metre White Blossom Trees are beautifully illuminated with a shower of White Blossom flowers. Its twinkling LED lights will transform any inside or outside space into a world of enchantment, perfect for permanent installation in the garden or on a terrace, or a stunning way to illuminate a dining room, hallway or living room..

The realistic, textured bark and the abundance of pretty blossoms make this tree beautiful both day and night.

Like a blossom tree in spring, this tree comes without leaves.

Our illuminated trees are happy inside or outside, and can be easily moved to wherever you need a magical show of light.


*Free delivery to mainland UK*

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1.5 metres
Bulb Colour White Blossom
Leaves No
Cable Colour Black
Cable Length 3.5 metres
Height 1.5 metres
Diameter 1.1 metres
Number of LED bulbs 400 pcs
Input Voltage AC 240 V
Output Voltage DC 24 V
Lifetime above 50,000 hours
Working Temp -30 C to 60 C
Certified CE / BS / UL / RoHS
Usage Indoor & Outdoor
Packaging One Cardboard Carton
Dimensions 110 x 40 x 40 cms
Net Weight 12 kgs
Gross Weight 15 kgs
Net Weight
Gross Weight

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